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Phares to France 24 English: "Iran is using Hamas to challenge a divided Washington on Israel"
By editor
Nov 15, 2012, 17:33

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Washington DC, Paris

In an interview with France 24 English channel on the escalation between Israel and Hamas, Dr Walid Phares, advisor to the US Congress on Middle East and Terrorism affairs said "the Iranian regime is using Hamas to challenge the United States, now very busy with, and divided on, many crises, on its alliance with Israel."

"Hamas is indeed an ally of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President and Government, but has been backed by the Iranian regime and Hezbollah for many years and decades. The latest escalation between Israel and Hamas is the product of Iranian pressures on Hamas to test and challenge the US relations with Israel. We all know that the US are emerging from a tough election cycle, and that the Obama Administration and the majority in the US House of Representatives are addressing an economic and financial cliff coming fast. In addition the US Congress is holding hearings on the Benghazi Terror attack as Senators are accusing the White House of covering up. Such a situation in a politically divided Washington is now being used by Tehran to demonstrate to the region's Islamist leaders that the Obama Administration won't be able to do much on the Palestinian issue."

Phares, who is the author of 'The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East' a book that predicted the Arab Spring, added that "Washington now has little choice other than stading with Israel in its strikes against Hamas military positions, but the Obama Administration will try to use the mediation of Egypt's President Morsi to pressure Hamas to stop its shelling. Morsi will also be in a difficult position as he threatens Israel in public while ask Hamas to tone down."

Dr Walid Phares with France 24 English

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