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Phares to BBC Arabic: "North Korea's economy dying, its regime trying to survive militarily"
By editor
Apr 4, 2013, 11:07

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Dr Phares on Korea

In an interview on BBC Arabic Radio on World Affairs, Professor Walid Phares said, "The center of the East Asian crisis today is the dying economy of a post-Cold War Communist regime in North Korea, unable to survive but heavily armed."

Phares, an advisor to Congress who taught at National Defense University and lectures to international military delegations hosted by U.S. Defense, said, "The only player initiating aggressive moves and risking war is the Pyongyang regime. While Russia freed itself from Soviet dictatorship and Communist China has moved to intensive commercial relations worldwide, North Korea's old style Communist regime seems to be unfit in present international relations. For years the North Korean dictatorship has been using military pressures to obtain economic aid and dividends. But even the latter cannot save its crumbling economy. The current crisis is another attempt by the North to force South Korea and the United States to extend more economic oxygen to the regime without resorting to reforms. China doesn't want a war nor is Russia interested in an Asian conflict. The United States is merely reacting to Pyongyang threats, and Seoul and Tokyo will defend themselves if attacked."

Phares said, "The crisis is primarily in the hands of a rogue regime in the north whose calculations are based on outdated Cold War mentality, but it is really China that can force North Korea to refrain from crossing the red line towards catastrophe."

North Korea's dictator

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